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אודות סוט קייס

Who We Are?

A few words about how we’ve come to this point…

After years working in our profession we’ve felt we needed a change. So we took a 13 months vacation and went on a trip around the world. During this amazing adventure we met interesting people, saw beautiful sceneries and had the most amazing experiences. The last country we have visited was California. The couple that hosted us there asked for some help planning the interior of their home, and we’ve decided to not only plan, but actually make the furniture ourselves. This experience of building everything with our own four hands and working together has made us very happy.

At the end of the design process, the last piece of furniture missing was a vanity. we wanted to buy one but we couldn’t find anything that will go well with their mid-century modern style bedroom. Finally we went to a vintage store and there we saw an old dusty suitcase, lying in the corner. we immediately knew- that suitcase is going to become the vanity. We cleaned it and fixed it a little, added legs, a custom mirror and light that turns on when you open the suitcase. And so it became the perfect vanity, a suitcase upcycled and suited for our client.

That was the beginning, the spark in our hearts was lit.

Now this spark has become our studio. We collect and gather, design and create for our clients that also collect and gather conceptual objects, in two series: Art collectibles for Suit-Case Pieces and Home decor items for Suit-Case Workshop.

Meet the Team

Meet people who make all this happened

Keren Singer / Owner, Designer, Manager

Enjoys cooking and baking. Loves animals. Inspired by traveling, meeting new people and seeing new places. She longs for a garden to grow herbs, fruit, chickens and a goat in.
Noticing every small detail, she is in charge of entering finesse and charm to our design.

Daniel Singer / Architect, Designer, Maker

Enjoys rescuing dying or abandoned plants, and fixing things. Inspired by architecture, insects and bugs. He’s been making furniture since he was 17.
Loves challenges, especially solving them, He is definitely the MacGyver of the team.