You are invited to come, enjoy and play at our playground. Choose from the workshops we offer, or tell us what your needs are and we’ll plan a custom workshop especially for you. We have a 100% smile guarantee.
Our workshops include an introduction with the concept of upcycling and its advantages, examining the hidden potential in every day materials and understanding how unwanted items and materials can inspire and become the base to a new design.


Planters workshop

A unique upcycled planters workshop

In this workshop you will choose your favorite pieces of wood and choose one of a few different ways to build the frame of the planter. After building, some sanding and oiling you will place your plant in place and cover the soil with gravel.
This planter will bring joy and make the room you’ll put it in shine. And the best thing about it is that you made it yourself!

Materials: Reclaimed wood, in different sizes and metal from a factory near our studio in Yeruham.

Duration: apx 3.5 hours.

Lamps workshop

Light up the room

In this workshop you will build the body of the lamp, by using a drill a saw and some glue. After that you will wire the bulb holder and light switch and then you will design the shape and colors you want with the threads to create a dimming effect. Each participant will create a lamp that will light with a soft light the bedroom, living room, or any room you’ll choose.

Materials: Threads in different colors, reclaimed wood, nails, wire, bulb holder.

Duration: apx 3 hours.

Toy trucks workshop

Every child will get a complete set with all the parts of the truck in addition to sanding paper, paint and brushes. Together we will go step by step and build the truck and add some colors. The outcome will be a beautiful wooden toy truck for the child to play with, a toy he/she built on his/her own.

Materials: Reclaimed wood, from furniture, broom sticks etc.

Duration: apx 1 hour.

Owls workshop

All the different parts of the owls will be spread on the table for you to choose from. Step by step, part by part, you’ll use different tools to set the different parts. Every child is unique and different and so is every owl. At the end you can paint the owl in your favorite colors and take your new friend home.

Materials: Reclaimed wood, popsicle sticks, metal caps, paint and brushes.

Duration: apx 45 min.

Night light workshop

A 4 slides story- night light workshop

The kids create their own story telling night light. They choose the slides and create a storyboard that will tell a story they invent. They build a box, paint it, add the slides and attach the lamp. Every night when they go to sleep you can turn on the light and tell the story, maybe it’s a different story every night. Sweet dreams.
Materials: Wood, plastic sheet, slides, night lamp, paint and brushes.

Duration: apx 1 hour and 15 min.

Among our clients:

  • The online Magazine- Shalosh Arba

  • Doc Aviv festival

  • Dudaim recycling center

  • Matnas Yerucham

  • Kama seminary

  • Kibuts Ifat- The valley museum

  • pothim Atid- The jewish agency

  • Kol Yaakov School

  • One  family association

  • Couples, Families, small or big groups

  • Tzvi Yeruham

  • South- North- Tikun Olam

Clients have said

“Your workshop was amazing, we had a great time”

- Adi -

“Thank you Keren and Daniel for a fun and inspiring workshop! Keren and  Daniel, I participated in your planter workshop, I had a great time and your are so inspiring (everyone planters came out special and lovely). Keep up the good work.”

- Ayelet -

“Thank you for a cool family workshop. We all had a great time, children and adults.”

- Neomi -

“It was wonderful, a pleasant vibe and a generous hospitality”

- Ella.B. -

“Thank you so much for today, it was amazing, everyone had such a great time”

- Ella.H. -

“Thank you so much!!!! it was perrrrfect!!!”

- Yotvat -