Southern Glow – Beer Sheva Light Festival 2017

Fresh paint / 2016

As part of 40 + 08 – an art marathon in the Negev where selected artists created art about light in given spaces in just 48 hours.
Name of work: Contacts / in collaboration with Roni Ginosar, Itamar Tzarfati and Jennifer Galnis.
The Beer Sheva community continually expands and provides a rich environment for creators.
We, as individuals within the community, touch the people nearest to us through creation and art. In turn, they touch and influence those nearest to them.
This interpersonal network structures the community and generates a fertile ground for innovation.
Photograph: Dana Bar-On

Southern Glow – Beer Sheva Light Festival 2018

Drawing Week 2016 / Illustrated furniture exhibition
Name of work: Fireflies

The exhibit consists of out of use materials and objects, That has been thrown away and re-collected while strolling in the backyard. The firefly that was once very common has almost disappeared and after years of being endangered, has recently been able to recover.

The connection between the object of the exhibit and the materials of which the exhibit is composed express the process of renewal and revival of the Old City of Beer Sheva.

For video of the performance: click here.

DLD Innovation boulevard /

DLD Innovation boulevard / 2016

An annual exclusive innovation fair. Part of the biggest high tech festival in the middle east- DLD Tel Aviv

Location: Rothschild boulevard, Tel Aviv.

Fresh paint / 2016
Fresh paint

Fresh paint / 2016

The biggest Annual Contemporary art fair in Israel.
Location: Tel Aviv Port

Drawing Week 2016 /
Illustrated furniture exhibition

Drawing Week 2016 / Illustrated furniture exhibition

A Collaboration between illustrators and designers. An initiative of the design and culture online magazine: Portfolio.
Curator: Michal Vital, Location: Primitive Gallery, Tel Aviv