Whether you’re looking for a simple revamp or a complete renovation we will work with you to create a space you’ll love. With a combination of design, architecture, personality, experience, custom furniture, millwork design and art we create unique and beautiful spaces that make people smile. If you love some of the things you own, we think it is great to use the pieces you already have and to find the right way to integrate them in your home/business design, for that extra personal charm. we’re based in Yeruham, but we work anywhere our services are needed by nice people with open minds.

Empowerment Space- Midreshet Amit Kama

Interior design for existing classrooms that have become an empowerment space for the students. Within the classrooms are integrated areas for independent learning, various forms of seating and appearance that is inspired by the content. In the corridor, a work station has been set up for the teacher in charge of the compound.

Photographer: Liran Sharabi.

Pais Lab, Yeruham Design Terminal

In a building that used to be Yeruham’s community center, an accelerator was established for designers from Yeruham and the surrounding area. Using recycled materials we designed and built partitions, tables, a library and even wooden windows. The space has been given a more contemporary and colorful look and is designed to allow for individual work and group work.

Robotics Workshop – Yeruham Science Center

Robotics Workshop – Yeruham Science Center Design of the robotics workshop in which talented teenagers from Yeruham spend time every day. They use the best tools to think, create, solve problems, develop robots, win competitions and eat pizza on the go. The Manager of Yeruham Science Center wanted to give them a more pleasant, more inviting, organized environment that would also help instill values of order and aesthetics at work. ** The “before” photos were taken during a particularly busy period of competitions…


Beit Midrash – Be’er (well) Seminary Yeruham – Furniture design for Beit Midrash.

Be’er Seminary in Yeruham is a community seminary that combines diverse Beit Midrash studies with community work. Tami Bitton, the director of the seminary, takes care of filling it with content and enriching the spiritual world of the wonderful girls who study there. Beyond the content, it was important for her to give the spirituality an aesthetic and pleasant expression in the design. When Tammy turned to Aryeh Brenner, the most amazing carpenter we had ever met, asking him to design and build the furniture for the beit midrash, he offered us to collaborate and work on the project together. The opportunity of designing elements for a spiritual, religious place, in our style, and the collaboration with Aryeh, fascinated us and so we set off. Inside the round space we have combined a contemporary, cozy, delicate and flowing design that corresponds with the metaphorical well (Be’er) and the shape of the space. We put emphasis on the details, looking in and out and the natural light that penetrates during the day. The mobility and dynamism that the design expresses symbolizes the process that the girls go through in the place. It was important for us to express spirituality in a contemporary and clean language, while understanding the needs of the girls studying at the place.

Photographer: Liran Sharabi

The suitcase house

The house entrance was updated by adding lots of plants inside and outside, and upcycled oil lamps. The living room- a big space that wasn’t used properly and as the clients have said: “feels wasted and old fashioned”, got a sense of warmth and intimacy by using wood and metal, adding bean bags and a rug, hanging photos from the last trip of the family on the walls and creating a special place to play the guitar by the fireplace. In the bedroom- the clients asked us to emphasize their love and romance, so we added some magical vintage pieces, a touch of gold and a huge bed with an upholstered back, The fireplace area we upgraded with mid century modern armchairs and black and white wedding pictures. And for the final touch – we’ve made the vanity, from an old suitcase we upcycled. This is a very special house for us, this is where it all started…

Sophy and Michael’s house

“Do whatever you want, we trust you…” , This is one of the most flattering sentences a design can hear. Using existing furniture in the right way, renovating, upcycling, painting some and combining them with new furniture created a welcoming, pleasant and homogeneous design. A pop of color added lightness and attention to different nooks made it possible to have different activities side by side.