Block Clock (dark & yellow)


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A wall clock made of reclaimed wood. This clock is a piece of art on your home or office wall. It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from, Some are calm and mellow and some has exactly the pop you need for your chosen room.

If you like different colors from what you see in the pictures, please contact us for more options.

worried about how to hang it right? don’t.

You will get an instructions page giving you a few layout options for the numbers.

First thing you need to decide where the center of the clock will be, there you place the nail we sent you and you can hang the clock movement block.

Second, you choose the template you want from the page we made for you.

Third, you use the special template we added to find the exact place to hang the numbers blocks.

To hang the numbers blocks you have a high quality 3M double sided tape.

Please note that due to the natural qualities of wood, the wood grain may vary from the clock in the photo.

Out of stock


You’ll recieve:

13 wooden blocks (one for each number and one with the clock mechanism and hands), an instructions page showing you exactly how to hang the clock, One nail and a special carton template, All packaged in a beautiful box (as shown in the last picture).

Dimensions of each block are approximately:

across: 9cm/3.54″


the total weight of all the parts of the clock is approximately 1.8 KG


One AA battery required, not included.


There will be a noticeable ‘tick-tock’ sound


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