Clock No.7 – Yellow and red


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Clock No.7 is a small handmade clock.
An upcycled clock made of a red and yellow tin can and oak veneer.
It has a classic shape, a sophisticated design and an industrial style.
An elegant yet fun clock that will make everyone that looks at it smile.

Please note that due to the natural qualities of wood, the woodgrain may vary from the clock in the photo.

One AA battery required, not included.

There will be a noticeable ‘tick-tock’ sound

Clock movements are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase. We cannot guarantee or replace clocks that have been mishandled–please only use the dial on the back to adjust the hands and do not impede the movement of the hands while the battery is running. Do not move one or both hands while battery is inserted. Use of the clock in this manner will void the 1 year guarantee. We recommend using fresh brand name batteries.

Out of stock


You will recieve:

You will get your clock packaged in a beautiful box


9cm/3.54″ Height
8.5cm/3.35″ length
5cm/3.54″ Width

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