Street Coasters

Street Coasters


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A set of 4 coasters made from upcycled wood pieces. After we process every piece by hand, we print on them illustrations of buildings, made by Daniel.
On each coaster pieces from 2 buildings, and if you place them one after the other in a row they will create a street painted with desert sand shades.

Daniel, an architect and designer, explains his drawings:

“This kind of bulidings are an Israeli icon.
I grew up living in such buildings, and so, memories of innocence and simplicity come to my mind when I look at them.
As an adult, I think this buildings are the epitome of Israeli architecture at its finest, and serve as a mirror of our society.
I chose to illustrate this buildings from the town I live in, in a away that reflects my childhood memories”

Out of stock


You’ll recieve:

A set of 4 square plywood coasters packaged in a sweet cotton bag with satin laces.

Dimensions are approximately:

Across: 10cm- 3.9″



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