Playful, moving and unforgettable art installations, display windows, branded art, special walls design, etc. Will create a strong and unforgettable experience for you, your guests or customers.

Tell us what is the story or the idea you want to pass on, what is the feeling or the brand characteristics that you want to emphasize and we will be happy to go through a design and planning process with you to create the right installation for you. Come and together we will make your dream come true.

Farmers Market  Stands

17 mobile stands for the local farmers market. Designed and built according to the customer’s needs with internal shelves, a table at a convenient angle for display and an erasable board for prices.

Outdoors art installation- in cooperation with the designer- Elad Or and The Yeruham design terminal.

To turn a path into an experience of playfulness, happiness and laughter. In the opening night of the Yeruham design terminal we wanted the excitement to begin at the moment the guests start walking in the path leading to the building.

We’ve created a colorful and playful path, that is playing with the fact that you see and you don’t see the entire building. Every few steps the color of the ribbons changes, from white, to blue, green and yellow, which is also the color of the doors.

It made us so happy to walk by the installation a few days after the event and hear the laughter of 2 girls playing and running through the ribbons.

Indoors art installation- in cooperation with the designer- Elad Or and The Yeruham design terminal

For a special opening night event- we had to think of an original, experiential way to give every guest a gift and to get his blessing for the terminal and the new building. So we created this installation at the entrance hall that changed between the time guests came in to the time they left. “A flower for your thought”- every guest can take a flower from one of the jars and to leave his blessing in it instead.

A desk for Yeruham community center

Something between a counter and a desk that will create a dynamic work space for a varied number of people. That will allow 2 people to work together and some privacy when needed.

The design is inspired by the topography of Yeruham surroundings with trees made of upcycled hand mixer hands and a touch of humor. It’s the best when you smile when you get to work.

Wall cladding with shelves- design store

A project with the community. . During a workshop we showed how to dismantle pallets and make a wall cladding with an industrial, rustic look and feel from the wood. We covered the walls added shelves and created a space with a special atmosphere, with a warm and hugging feel, that in the moment you get in it, you feel the change.

Jagermeister installation- at the Bialik 26 Bar- in ooperation with Outbox organization and Hacarem.

In this challenging yet fun project, we had to combine the character and values of the Jagermeister brand with the character and qualities of the bar, and our values as artists to create an installation made of Jagermeister bottles.

We were very lucky to work with the super cool extraordinary owners of the bar. That made the search for the right installation for the bar, that is a second home to them, Interesting, productive and successful.

The result: “When Jagermeister met Haim Nachman Bialik” – The deer, the symbol of the drink, in a tribute to Bialik, Israel’s national poet, and his well known song “Ken Lazipor” (A nest for the bird), Carries in his horns, that symbolizes the branches of a tree, a nest with 3 Jagermeister bottles. (referring to the 3 eggs in the nest, in the song).

Dudaim- Recycling site

Sivan, the manager of the visitors center of Dudaim, invited us to upgrade one of the walls of the center. She asked for an extra storage space and shelves, in one condition, we need to use the materials we find at the site. She gave us a short tour, we learned about the garbage recycling process and we laid our eyes on a few big wooden crates and some plastic crates.

After a process of sketches and planning, we’ve created a portable outdoors workshop at the site and started working. We’ve made wall cladding, a lockable closet and shelves from the crates. Very useful, upcycled, eco friendly and inspiring for the visitors.

Wall/ fireplace cladding- residential

An old fashioned american fireplace needed an update to suit the modern design of the entire house.