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Collectible vehicles- Submarine


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A submarine made of upcycled wood and metal parts.
Daniel, an architect, designer and artist creats a small special series of collectible vehicles combining wood and other materials he finds in the back yards of the factories around our studio.

Each sculpture is special and unique.

We love to keep the imperfections of the material as a symbol and a clue to what it used to be before it became a beautiful sculpture of a submarine. The finish is natural.

A piece of art suitable for architects, designers, art collectors, sea lovers, etc.

Out of stock


You’ll recieve:

A unique hand made wooden submarine.

Dimensions are approximately:

Width- 17cm/6.7″
Lenth- 62cm/24.4″
Hight (with stand)- 22cm/8.7″ , Hight (without stand)- 17cm/6.7″



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