Lampa 2


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lamp vase no.2 is a wall mounted vase made of a burnt out light bulb and hard wood. It is a unique way to give any living or working space a fresh and humoristic look and feel.  A perfect and original present for a new home.

All you need to do is fill it with some water, put a small plant in it (we recommend: Agave americana, Scindapsus or spider plant) and place it close to a window so the plant will get some sunlight. (Try to avoid direct sunlight though, it can encourage algae growth).

Don’t forget to check the water level every few weeks and refill it if necessary.

Please notice, since we use upcycled materials and since different screens show different colors there might be some changes in tone and size from what you see in the pictures.

5 in stock


You will recieve:

1 light bulb vase, made from a light bulb and wood, packaged in a box.
A screw and an anchor and simple mounting instructions.
A pipette to easily add water to the light bulb.

The vase does not include a plant, Since it is not possible to send plants.


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