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Our kiss is made from a test tube and hard wood.  It is exactly the thing to show someone you thought about him/her. An extra sweet addition to a shelf at home or at the office.
All you have to do is add water and a plant (we recommend succulents) and place it close to a window so the plant will get some sunlight. (Try to avoid direct sunlight though, it can encourage algae growth).  You can also put a flower in it or dry branch.
Do not forget to check the water level every few days.
Please notice: Since we use recycled materials, there may be a difference in color and size from what you see in the picture.

If you want this sweet thing as a giveaway for your guests please contact us for a special price.
Weddings in Israel can get the plants as well.

3 in stock


You will get:

One planter made of a test tube and a wooden base, packed in a beautiful box.
A dripper that will make it easy for you to add water to the plant.
The flowerpot comes without a plant, since it is impossible to send plants by mail.

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