Discovering a new material to work with

The first time we arrived to Yeruham and we looked around, we were amazed to find the glass mountain. You can say without a doubt that it is the greenest mountain in the desert! A mountain of broken glass that awaits to be recycled at Phoenicia ltd- the local factory that makes glass containers. [...]

Discovering a new material to work with2017-03-28T12:56:16+03:00

Moving to Yeruham

Hi, Nice to meet you. We are Keren and Daniel, an Interior designer and architect and now the proud owners of Suit-Case an upcycling art and design studio. After years of working at different firms we’ve felt we need some time to clear our minds. The move away from the computer and experience the world. [...]

Moving to Yeruham2017-02-18T11:04:04+02:00


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