Hi, Nice to meet you.

We are Keren and Daniel, an Interior designer and architect and now the proud owners of Suit-Case an upcycling art and design studio.
After years of working at different firms we’ve felt we need some time to clear our minds. The move away from the computer and experience the world. So we went on a 13 months trip around the world in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, United states and Mexico. During this trip we experienced, we were moved, we got sick, got well, we tasted, we absorbed, and we designed things together. We even had a saying: “Together, together” , Sorry for being so tacky… but it symbolises our realisation that even though we have our differences, (oh and we have them I tell you!)  we still prefer and enjoy doing almost everything, well, together.

And this is how it started, small buds of thoughts, that back then seemed to us like fantasies, of starting a joint studio where we design, plan and make everything with our own two hands.

A year after we got back to Israel, we took baby steps in starting the business at our small rented apartment. We turned our balcony into  a small workshop and started designing small home decor items. It didn’t take us a long time to feel the entire place with tools, wood, and cool things we found on the street that looked like they could be upcycled into something cool. Soon enough the mess and sawdust filled our living room, kitchen and in rough times even the bedroom…

It made us realise that we have to find a place to work in. We looked and looked, in appropriate and less appropriate places, we got confused, and a bit stressed…to start a business, the two of us, it’s scary. While searching we heard about a designer’s hub opening in Yeruham, The connection between Yeruham and design seemed unreasonable, but we were up for the adventure. And so we packed our things and moved to Yeruham, to the desert, to the unknown, to the next adventure of our lives.

If you feel like reading about our previous adventures, you are more then welcome to visit the blog we wrote during our trip: www.singersadventure.com